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Secret Something’s | Hightide Hotel

As spring set in, it grew warmer finally
And you seemed to be warming up to me,
To the possibility of something potentially developing.

Soon time will call you home again
To the warmth of Floridian sands
How many frequent flier miles span
Between here and there?

We make the best use of our time,
Exchanging prints and exchanging smiles.

Along with all your luggage
And memories of your brief stay here
Pack up all my best wishes
And keep them as a souvenir

We make the best use of our time,
trading tales and exchanging smiles
Mine grew wider with time and was
Harder and harder for me to hide

Spanning from ear to ear.

Posted: Tue July 3rd, 2012 at 12:11am
Tagged: Secret Somethings hightide hotel me
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